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Personal Recovery System

To regain the optimal balance of the organism, therapeutic massage fixes various problems such as general muscular tension, pain, headaches, backaches, low blood circulation, stress and concern. Massage is highly effective in the abolition of the negative aging effects.

It helps the body to keep the tissues and functions of organism youthful, improves blood and lymph circulation, keeps the skin healthy and smooth, reinforces the functions of the immune system, reduces muscular pain. Our recovery system allows the body to get rid of stress in a short period of time. Also, it prevents various diseases associated with constant nervous tension, treats trigger points, relaxes tense muscles, reduces anxiety, releases the blocked energy of the body, brings the feeling of tranquility and well-being. Therapeutic massage improves the blood supply and the deliveries of nutrients, causes the elimination of toxins. The soft petrissage and warming of muscles releases the body from stress and pain. As a result, we get normalization of functions of the nervous system. During the massage session the body relaxes and starts to heal itself. The latest massage techniques and world-class “Nuga Medical” equipment has relaxing effect on muscles, initiates healing processes and brings joy in your new life without pain.

The Nuga Medical massage equipment also helps to relax and unweight spine muscles. The massager is supplied with special rolls for massage and extension of cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine. Regular usage of massage equipment, combined with infrared, salt and tourmanium therapies, reduces muscle pain and brings back the natural physiological rest position.

Our Multi-Function Physical Therapy Equipment Nuga Medical N5-1 provides comfortable massage and thermal influence thanks to the head supporting pad and ankle cushions. Nuga Medical N5-1 is created by The NDT Research Center in collaboration with Fraunhofer Society. They have patented nano-diamond and tourmanium, the materials of our Nuga Medical N5-1.

How It Works.

Ankle cushions. Because of an ergonomic design, the ankle cushions guarantee your feet rest and comfort. Tourmanium heating for the arms and legs. In a comfortable prone position, the heating parts contact with hands and calves. Such a contact enables alleviating muscular pain in these areas. NDT heating effect. NDT made of nano-diamond and tourmanium allows increasing the warming effect at the expense of anions and far-infrared rays. Head supporting pad. The head supporting pad makes the massage session even more comfortable and effective. Imager for the lumbar spine. The imager is created specifically for the lumbar spine. It relieves muscular pain in the spine thanks to its heating effect and point massage. Imager for thoracic spine. The exclusive imager provides heating effect and point massage due to which muscular pain in the thoracic spine relieves. Imager for cervical spine. The imager made of silicone relieves tension in the neck and provides heating effect and point massage as well.

Personal recovery system.

We offer effective natural technologies of health recovery achieved by stimulating the vital functions of organism. The aim is to reach self-control, regeneration effect, clarification and complex correction of the spine. Having restored internal resources of nervous, immune and respiratory systems as well as blood circulation, together with Nuga Medical equipment and salt therapy, the organism gets powerful stimulation of the natural ability for self-recovery. As a result, the organism overcomes all damages and the consequences of different diseases.

Personal recovery system combines natural technologies of health improvement such as chiropractic, massage, salt, far-infrared and tourmanium therapies. All of them correspond physiological requirements of the main systems of an organism. The recovery processes are aimed at general health promotion, rehabilitation after various consequences and damages of an organism, prevention of diseases and protection of the whole organism.



Therapeutic massage is the medically proven method of supporting health and stimulating self-renewal and regeneration of the body. It has the following benefits:

  • Relieves of all types of pain;
  • Increases blood circulation and blood oxygenation;
  • Deeply warms and relaxes muscles and tendons;
  • Relieves anxiety and insomnia;
  • Relieves stress;
  • Reduces inflammation.

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