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It is well-known that massage is very useful and pleasant way of healing and relaxation. To gain the optimal balance of an organism therapeutic massage fixes various problems. It relieves general muscular stress, headaches, pain in the back, low blood circulation and reduces stress level. Massage is highly effective in abolition of the negative effects of aging. Therapeutic massage improves blood supply and enhances the delivery of nutrients and oxygen.

During the massage session your body relaxes and heals itself. The latest massage techniques with world-class Nuga Medical equipment are used to relax your muscles and promote healing. It helps your body to keep tissues and functions of organism young, improves blood and lymph circulation, keeps your skin healthy and smooth, reinforces functions of the immune system, reduces muscle pain. It helps your body to restore after stress. It prevents certain types of diseases associated with constant nervous tension, relieves trigger points and painful areas, relaxes tense muscles, reinforces functions of the immune system, gives a sense of tranquility and wellbeing.

Nuga Medical equipment provides comfortable massage and thermal influence by head supporting pad and ankle cushions. Nuga Medical N5-1 is created by The NDT Research Center in collaboration with Fraunhofer Society.

Point massage. Point massage is one of the most ancient methods of treatment. The rolls of imagers have the ridge form to influence on biologically active points connected with internal organs. Point massage sends the signal to the brain and the body processes speed up. The rolls made of tourmanium ceramic warm up and apply deep pressure on problem zones of the spine with infrared heating. Thus, back muscles relax and internal organs recover.

Try the natural healing effect of Nuga Medical massage!