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Salt Therapy is a powerful treatment for adults and children. It is well-known for healing effect on respiratory system conditions.

During the salt therapy people respire salt-enriched air. It cleanses the air passages and skin, reduces inflammation and skin irritations. Our unique salt therapy is an absolutely drug-free natural treatment for respiratory and skin conditions of children and adults. It is safe, beneficial and effective healthcare assistance.

Benefits of Salt Therapy:

Facilitates easier breathing;
Relieves respiratory conditions, such as sinusitis problems and allergy;
Reduces the use of inhalers and antibiotics;
Improves lung function;
Great stress reliever;
Improves skin conditions;
Improves blood flow;
Reinforces the immune system;
Improves sleep and overall wellness;
Prolongs remission time;
Relieves inflammation;
Improves general health and quality of life;

Salt therapy, also know as speleotherapy, combined with other therapies and equipment is effective in reducing asthma, allergies, and other respiratory conditions. Apart from breathing problems it is used for skin conditions and sex disorders. This alternative therapy does not have any harmful side effects and can be implemented as health promotion procedure on regular basis.